Rudrax & Moti Mala

Rudrax & Moti Mala

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  • Rudrax & Moti Mala

    • For the fruitful achievers and driven individuals who need to achieve the top level.

    • This has Rudraksha dots speaking to all planets and speaking to all Devi and Devatas. This is a capable blend that equalizes all the 7 chakras and appeases all planets.

    • This is a compelling mending blend that mends you of anxiety, feelings of trepidation, torpidity, low self worth, melancholy, dissatisfaction and pessimism.

    Reason: This is a quite compelling mending blend. Worn for Dharma, Artha, Kama, Moksha. The synergistic blend of all mukhis worn on form furnishes wearer with plenitude in riches, restored vigor, exceptional health, otherworldly existence and satisfaction of wishes. Wearing of this consolidation takes the wearer past his life commencement diagram confinements and assuages all the malefic connected with the planets.

    Helpful profits: Provides easing in form torments, digestive issue, diabetes, heart issues, throat issues, Insomnia, dazedness and helps emanation and vigor levels.

    Arrangement: Made of 2 mukhi- 16 mukhi , this effective mixture is outlined consistent with Rudraksha Science Therapy. Made to wear on neck as mala and wristbands on wrist or Upper arm. This mala and set of 2 wristbands provides for them you the capable Sarva siddha fusion that equalizes all chakras and assuages malefic of all planets

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